The Original Z-FLEX and The Z-BOYS

I was one of the hordes that was fully influenced by these guys when I saw them at the Del Mar skateboarding/gymnastics contest. I did a similar routine of slides, berts, bunny hops and wheelies at the Union Tribune contest in ’75. My hands were on the ground when I skated and my back jean pocket was shredded. The judges didn’t understand, but, like the Z-Boys, I didn’t care because THEY were the ones that were lame. My adopted aggroflow did kill the slalom course though. My time was fastest of the day and my Z-FLEX with Metaflex wheels made that possible. All skaters that have style and ride pools are in debt to their innovation. The interviews with the legendary Z-BOYS… Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Marty Grimes, Wentzel Ruml, were fulla’ rebel yell.

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