Snoop Lion as Moshiach?

snoop lion reincarnated
Snoop Lion is a Ba’leh Teshuvah Rastafarian

I was over at my Rebbe‘s for Shabbos thumbing through a new biography about his Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Lubavitch, and came upon a fascinating read about “The Rebbe as Moshiach.” Those within his ranks that believed as such were few. Indeed, the Rebbe himself called for his followers to do what that can to hasten the coming of the true messiah.

This concept percolated and I asked around. One chassid said The Rebbe is the most recognizable religious figure of our generation, as Jesus was in his. Thus, if he were to return from the dead and walk the earth anew, it would not be such a hard sell to proclaim him King Moshiach. Fair enough. So, in the absence of such a reincarnation, we may need to content ourselves with Snoop Lion’s “Reincarnation” instead.

Now, before you crucify Snoop and administer my maccos for apikorsis, think of your own spiritual path. Did you not also have a big theological moment? The Jennifers and I had a big Rasta revelation under Arthur’s care. Mike Justice was a Rastafarian. Now, so is Snoop, and the message is Irie.

So what do I care? Just wanted to drop my line that Snoop is right. I listened the album through and it was spot on. Run from machloket. Embrace ahavas chesed. Perform mitzvot. Nothing like a religious awakening, eh?

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