What’s Love Got To Go With It?

Sometimes it is the strong who are most vulnerable.
Sometimes it is the strong who are most vulnerable.

My daughter turned me onto Bones years ago and whole seasons have sat in storage since Siesta Drive waiting for their day. Well, it has come and I am tearjerked as always over the plight of our emotionally impaired heroine and her scientific approach to love.

Snoop Lion as Moshiach?

snoop lion reincarnated
Snoop Lion is a Ba’leh Teshuvah Rastafarian

I was over at my Rebbe‘s for Shabbos thumbing through a new biography about his Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Lubavitch, and came upon a fascinating read about “The Rebbe as Moshiach.” Those within his ranks that believed as such were few. Indeed, the Rebbe himself called for his followers to do what that can to hasten the coming of the true messiah.

This concept percolated and I asked around. One chassid said The Rebbe is the most recognizable religious figure of our generation, as Jesus was in his. Thus, if he were to return from the dead and walk the earth anew, it would not be such a hard sell to proclaim him King Moshiach. Fair enough. So, in the absence of such a reincarnation, we may need to content ourselves with Snoop Lion’s “Reincarnation” instead.

Now, before you crucify Snoop and administer my maccos for apikorsis, think of your own spiritual path. Did you not also have a big theological moment? The Jennifers and I had a big Rasta revelation under Arthur’s care. Mike Justice was a Rastafarian. Now, so is Snoop, and the message is Irie.

So what do I care? Just wanted to drop my line that Snoop is right. I listened the album through and it was spot on. Run from machloket. Embrace ahavas chesed. Perform mitzvot. Nothing like a religious awakening, eh?

The Best Indoor Climbing Holds

The Lobster from Voodoo Climbing
The Lobster from Voodoo Climbing

Voodoo grips were the first I ever clutched, and it was long before I had a wall of my own. Frank used to bondo the things all over my San Diego neighborhood. There was the storm drain tunnel traverse (too hard for me!) and the bridge underside (nice!) at SDSU. I can imagine he played a part in the towering outside gym on Woodson’s south mountain. I got my first bucket of seconds at the Santee workshop in trade for a website that never went live and have been ordering ever since. It’s been more than a month since I ordered the Lobster but I’m not fretting. They’re probably off climbing in Africa or something.

Silicon Valley is SERIOUS Business!

You don't understand. We need $1m NOW to make payroll.
You don’t understand. We need $1m NOW to make payroll.
Sometimes a show comes along that is so outrageously spot-on funny that you just love it from the get go. To pull this off, you have to get all the inside jokes that will soar over the heads of commoners. If the tech niche catches on, maybe this ridiculously wonderful satire will see a second season.

Fear of Life

I think Ward coined the phrase...
I think Ward coined the phrase…

Falling into the internet business back in 1993 was simply an extension of my 80’s punk rock roots. The D.I.Y. aesthetic of the day, popularized by Malcolm McClaren, Vivienne Westwood and the like, required kids to make their own clothes and records. No retailer or manufacturer existed that tailored to their needs. Same thing when the CDrom design firm I worked at built one of the first commercial websites. It was up to us to figure out how to use code. My zine captured that moment in a time capsule, published late at night on my work’s copy machine.

RIP canceranswers.com

Truly the end of an era...
Truly the end of an era…

There was a time that a big part of my earnings came from this site. I built it in 1993 in partnership with an oncologist and an assistant. They delivered paper, and soon got discouraged. After they left I programed v2 and went to electronic delivery and PayPal. Over the years I experimented with shopping carts, blogs, ad servers, RSS and newsfeeds to build a solid and steady income. The Panda update to Google killed it and I watched income plummet lower each month. Finally, I sold out to someone with even worse luck than me.

No Way Out

Eerie Flashback to an Important Time
Eerie Flashback to an Important Time

I remember the first time I saw this painting. On my first visit to Jennifer’s, we were in a dark brick study-of-sorts and I saw it on the wall. Haunting. Lovely. How I ended up with it on my wall is a long story that those who know me know, The point is, life goes twisting around and we are not expected to complete our journey, only to strive to reach it. That is the living of life.

Viva la Revolución: A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape

...zoom in, zoom out, zoom back in...

I continue to be amazed how much difference a good camera makes in the enjoyment of the act of taking pictures. Since getting a new one, my eye has become an extension for the lens is a key new way: zoom-lens vision. Now mental cropping and positioning of elements reveal photo opportunities beyond the snapshot. This amazing detail from Shepard Fairey’s piece for Viva la Revolución: A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape is curated by Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego (MCASD) is a fine example. I shot all the vantages close and far. The detail and texture in this photograph make it one of the best I’ve snapped since I dropped my old The Olympus OM-1 into the sea.